Myth busting: removing the nervousness around freelance talent

It’s time to separate fact and fiction when it comes to hiring freelance talent. From the outset, the process of hiring contractors, from search to onboarding, is a wholly different process to hiring permanent employees.

We’ve pinpointed our top 5 reasons for considering freelance talent:

  • Rapid turnaround from search
  • Long-term cost savings
  • Immediate impact
  • Flexibility and diverse experience
  • Highly skilled, fresh perspectives
  1. Shorter hiring process
    We understand that when it comes to investment and scaling, you want talent implemented quickly. Traditionally speaking, hiring contract contractors is a lot more time efficient. You’ll have identified a skill gap within your current team, and know exactly what you need from specific talent resources, in order to get your project to completion. You have the benefit of honing in on very specific skill-sets and desired experience, as opposed to searching for team members that are a long-term cultural fit for the company.
  2. Long-term labour cost
    When you’re not having to calculate another annual salary into your business’ overheads, you realise the immense benefits of sourcing talent on a temporary basis. You can also almost guarantee that you won’t need to spend budget on paid learning and development for temporary hires, as they’ll only be with you for a concise timeframe, or until project completion.
  3. Immediate impact
    You’ve selected individuals with desired skill sets that base their entire working reputation on their previous performance. They’re ready and prepared to immerse themselves in your work environment, meshing with the preexisting team, and getting stuck-in to the task at hand. How they perform for you will in turn affect their ability to work on additional projects, which should give you peace of mind that their productivity is in the bag.
  4. Flexibility and and diverse experience
    The obvious benefit to contract resource is their ability to be flexible. You can respond efficiently to market developments and demands as they unravel in real-time, so your business can evolve with them. Their previous work experience allows them to quickly adapt to various environments and employment expectations. Also, having onboarded talent on an initial short-term basis, if they perform well, you have the option of offering them an extension, or alternatively, ending their contract early.

    5. Highly skilled fresh perspectives
    When presented with new challenges, sometimes a fresh set of eyes is all it takes to get your project moving forward. If you find your progress at periodical standstills, hiring a fresh set of contract hires offers new perspectives and processes to help get you back on track.


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