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Unlock the power of big-data analytics with our expert talent.

In the current landscape, data is the key to innovation and growth. Adopting a technology first approach, with a holistic use of analytics to constantly drive the business, enhances their decision-making capabilities, streamline processes, and deliver enhanced value to their customers.

The realm of data & analytics offers a wide range of possibilities, spanning from predictive modelling to real-time analytics, which can be tailored to suit the specific requirements of any business.

Through a deep understanding of big data & analytics, we offer tailored solutions to your talent needs, utilising our comprehensive process that cover every element of talent acquisition.

It takes talent to find talent.

Data quality

Making data-driven decisions is always a wise business approach, unless those decisions rely on flawed numbers. When data is incomplete, invalid, inaccurate, or fails to consider relevant context, it becomes detrimental to decision-making. At Mirai, we know how having the right individuals with the necessary skills and expertise is crucial to ensure the quality and reliability of data-driven processes.

what you can expect partnering with mirai

We start with your needs and offer a tailored solution from there. We put together a comprehensive process that covers every element of talent acquisition.

first, we listen:

  • Getting to know your challenges and requirements
  • Understanding your budgets and timelines
  • Discovering your business culture and dynamic

then we get to work.

  • Offering our market knowledge and insight
  • Providing salary benchmarks
  • Giving insights into what the best talent wants and how to keep them
  • Delivering tailored marketing campaigns
  • Carrying out personalised first round interviews
  • Arranging optional video interviewing
  • Scheduling regular check-ins and performance updates
  • And so much more!

We’re proud to support She Does Data.


At She Does Data, we are committed to changing the landscape for women in the data industry. This initiative is more than just a platform; it’s a movement towards empowering women with the tools, mentorship, and community needed to excel in data-driven roles. Our aim is to dismantle the barriers that women face and increase their representation in data and tech careers.

We wholeheartedly believe that by fostering greater diversity and representation, we can drive innovation, creativity, and progress across the industry. She Does Data is at the forefront of transforming statistics into stories of success and empowerment.

Join us in this mission to bridge gaps, build futures, and redefine what’s possible.

She Does Data. She does it all. 💜

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