we are mirai.

Your partner in building a data-driven future.

At Mirai, we are dedicated to the power of big data & analytics in the world of technology talent. We firmly believe that the individuals we work with hold the key to shaping our future. Our candidates are the architects, engineers, innovators, and leaders who bring new technologies and solutions to life. As such, they deserve recognition and respect as the driving force behind our society’s progress.

team mirai

our values

Mirai’ (未来) is Japanese for Future. One of our directors Emma lived in Tokyo for 6 years, and was enamoured by their values of harmony, order and self-discipline.

Aside from our name, we were also inspired by the Japanese philosophy of Ikigai (生き甲斐), which has helped us understand our ‘reason for being’. Something the Japanese believe leads to fulfilment in life. We have used this to define, who we are, what we do and how we work. We use it to help match our candidates, and support our clients in their onboarding and recruitment strategies. It’s also the foundation of our staff development program, helping each and everyone one of us reach our personal and professional goals.

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