3 Steps to Sustainable Hypergrowth

Maintaining hypergrowth requires the continued development and evolution of growth strategies. Recognising when to initiate new methods of expansion, and knowing when to abandon pre-existing ones, will aid your company in creating optimised and sustainable hypergrowth. The methodology of learning, unlearning and relearning becomes a fast-paced and continuous cycle.


– Taking the time to develop a growth strategy that works for you acts as the diving board for the initial trajectory for hypergrowth. 

– Creating an environment for a team that allows them to communicate their strongest skills will allow you to easily identify project areas that need more input and further expand your team quickly as well as efficiently.

– Establish clarity on shared goals. Making sure each team member fully comprehends how their efforts impact productivity and ensuring they stay empowered by their contribution to maintain high performance levels.


– Identifying when your initial strategy is no longer viable is a critical and pivotal practice. 

– Be open to constant feedback from your team and target audience. Allowing space for them to communicate openly and frequently will create a continuous cycle of trial and error testing, meaning problems are identified quickly. 

– Seek advice from people within the same industry. Whether you implement advice or not, remaining open to ideas and practices from those who are operating in the same wheelhouse can inspire new methodologies to help disrupt unproductive cycles.


– Be resilient to failure, abandon mistakes quickly, and implement new practices.

– Communicate failures to prevent repetition.

– Craft and expand your teams that ensure your growth goals and business goals align.

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