The IT Workforce…The unsung heroes that have made it happen…

As the UK celebrates the incredible keyworkers who have kept this country going and who are literally putting their lives on the line when many of us can stay safely at home, I can’t help thinking about the perhaps forgotten workforce, working double time to keep up with the spike in demand for a shift to remote working – the IT Workforce.

The workplace has been accelerated into a new digital age, some organisations were already there, some were heading in that direction and some had shunned the concept of remote working altogether, opting for a rigid onsite and nothing else will do attitude.

Changes were coming before the pandemic and those with 1-5 year plans of adopting a remote workforce or with no plan at all have been catapulted into the unknown world of remote working, made possible by internal support teams or external 3rd parties, the backbone to many companies, that can sometimes be forgotten.

I have spoken to a number of IT professionals this week, all of whom are still working, some remotely, however most still in the office and datacentres keeping the UK not only ticking over but enabling a new form of normality for businesses to continue to function. They are individually coping with the unprecedented demand for IT services in a sudden and unplanned crisis, yet amazingly have made it happen.. and work so well! We want to recognise the hard work and dedication that has been demonstrated by the IT professionals who have enabled this change.

IT is paramount in ways in which the average person would never think about; secure payments methods taken over the phone, ensuring data is secure, mobilising entire departments, providing key IT Support to the NHS and other emergency services, developing new tools to track the spread of Covid-19, distance learning initiatives, internet services and telecommunications. Technology has empowered remote workers to stay connected thanks to the IT professionals as well as giving us the chance see the ones we miss.

A few IT leaders have explained to me the acceleration of digital projects that would normally take months, have been rolled out in a matter of weeks, as well as implementing new phone systems, securing networks and developing AI-based chat technology.

So, I just want to say a HUGE thank-you and celebrate the IT HEROES who are working tirelessly to allow the new way of working to be made possible for the masses, as well as constantly developing new technology to keep us safe and not to be forgotten the kids entertained!