The importance of aligning data strategy to business strategy – Alasdair Moore

On February 29 2024

Join us on the latest “Let’s Talk Data Podcast” episode, where we meet Alasdair Moore, the charismatic Co-Founder and CEO of IDS, who is redefining the standards of Data Certainty and Data Quality. With his dynamic and engaging approach, Alasdair guides us through the vital role of reliable data in sculpting successful business strategies and the pitfalls of poor data quality. 

This conversation not only highlights the importance of data alignment with business objectives but also sheds light on the significance of delegation and trust within the business ecosystem. Alasdair’s philosophy of empowering growth through trust and letting go is a testament to effective leadership. 

Get ready for a blend of insightful dialogue, laughter, and valuable lessons on the pivotal role of data in fostering business growth. Don’t miss this engaging and enlightening conversation with Alasdair Moore.

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