How to overcome imposter syndrome at work & understand people using data analysis – Katy Gooblar

On February 15 2024

This week, we sit down with Katy Gooblar, Head of Group Data and Analytics at the Royal College of Nursing, who, as a transformative leader in data and analytics, has championed the importance of data-driven decision-making in organisations at the early stages of data maturity.

Known for her people-centric leadership style and being a ‘relentless optimist’, Katy has adeptly navigated the challenges of educating C-suite executives on the power of data while also managing her own journey through imposter syndrome.

A strong advocate for women in data and passionate about mentorship, Katy is a founding member of the 93% Club and collaborates with the Data Literacy Academy to empower the next generation of data professionals.

Join us in sharing Katy’s inspiring path and her forward-thinking vision for the future of data and analytics.

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