Accountant turned data scientist reveals the secrets to work-life balance & more – John Walker

On February 15 2024

In this episode, we chat with John Walker, Head of Data Science and Engineering at MS &AD Group. He shares his transition from accounting to becoming a leader in data science, thanks to a chance encounter that showcased his knack for solving systemic issues. John discusses the critical role of data science in today’s data-driven world and how his refusal to cut corners influences his outlook on the industry’s evolution. He highlights that embracing data strategies is crucial for staying relevant, whereas hesitation might lead to obsolescence.

John also talks about the challenges and rewards of leadership in data science. He stresses the importance of work-life balance and fostering a creative team environment that encourages innovation and accepts the uncertainties inherent in data science.

Tune in to hear John discuss the impact of data science, the value of navigating its complexities, and his vision for MS Amlin in leveraging data for the future.

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