Human-Centric Leadership: Building psychological safety and neurodiversity in the workplace with Nik Walker

On May 10 2024

Tune into this enlightening episode of the “Let’s Talk Data Podcast” where we explore the transformative power of human-centric leadership with Nik Walker, Head of Data Engineering at the Coop. In this episode, Nik shares how his personal journey with ADHD has influenced his approach to creating psychologically safe environments where team members feel valued and understood. Discover the essential role of psychological safety and neurodiversity in the workplace as Nik provides actionable insights on fostering connection and belonging. 

Learn why leading with compassion rather than fear can revolutionize team dynamics, boost engagement, and enhance overall well-being in the workplace. Whether you’re a manager or team member, this conversation will equip you with the tools to lead more effectively and inclusively.

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