How to thrive in a start-up environment – lessons from a Data Science Leader with Mike Holmes

On June 7 2024

Dive into the dynamic world of data science with Mike Holmes, the Head of Data Science at Provenir, on this episode of the “Let’s Talk Data Podcast.” Mike discusses the pivotal decisions facing newcomers in the field: should one start in a startup or a multinational company? With rich experience spanning both landscapes, Mike offers a comprehensive perspective on where budding data scientists can best cultivate their skills. He highlights the critical importance of diversity in teams, the necessity for continuous learning, and maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit to thrive in today’s fast-evolving technological arena—additionally, Mike shares how artificial intelligence is revolutionising productivity and fostering innovation across industries.

Whether you’re a student stepping into the world of data science or a professional pondering a career shift, Mike’s journey and expert advice are invaluable.


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