How can data practitioners stay one step ahead of fraudsters adapting their tactics? – Ruth Ray

On February 22 2024

This week on “Let’s Talk Data,” we’re joined by Ruth Ray, the Data Strategy Director at Cifas, who has brilliantly navigated her way from a non-technical role within the police force to becoming a leading figure in data strategy. Ruth’s remarkable journey of transition, marked by her resilience to embrace challenges and step outside her comfort zone, exemplifies her ascent within the data realm. 

In a candid discussion, we delve into the nuances of being a woman in the data sector, facing challenges such as imposter syndrome and the quest for recognition, especially for those hailing from non-technical backgrounds. Ruth enlightens us on the evolving landscape of counter-fraud, emphasising the critical role of data sharing in staying a step ahead of crafty criminals. She also shares her insights on the need for sophisticated solutions to tackle the surge in fraudulent claims and addresses the importance of awareness around bias in AI models. 

Tune in for an inspiring episode where Ruth Ray shares her invaluable experiences and insights, showcasing that passion and a willingness to face challenges head-on are indispensable in the data world.

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