From council estate to prominent data leader – Dawn Carter’s masterclass in ‘The School of Life’

On April 19 2024

Join us on this inspiring episode of the “Let’s Talk Data Podcast” as we delve into the life and career of Dawn Carter, the formidable Enterprise Data Architect at BAE Systems. Known for her indomitable spirit and innovative mindset, Dawn shares her journey from an unconventional background into the world of data, proving that perseverance and courage can redefine the path to success. 

With no formal degree but an abundance of experience from the ‘school of life’, Dawn embodies the power of turning adversity into strength. She discusses the importance of vulnerability in leadership and her strategic approach to asking the tough questions that others shy away from. Tune in to discover how Dawn uses her unique experiences as superpowers, inspiring anyone looking to make a significant impact in their field.

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