Breaking Barriers: Shaping the future of data leadership and education – Jess Simons-Boswell

On March 22 2024

In this riveting episode of the “Let’s Talk Data Podcast,” we welcome Jess Simons-Boswell, a trailblazer in the realm of data, as the innovative Head of Data at esurv. Transitioning from a science background into the forefront of technology, Jess embarked on her tech journey in a startup environment, swiftly evolving from mastering coding and engineering to embracing a pivotal leadership role.

Throughout our conversation, Jess illuminates the transformative journey to management, underscoring the urgent need for enhanced support systems for emerging leaders. She delves into the significance of role models in leadership, illustrating the positive impact of seeing oneself reflected in higher echelons of management.

Moreover, Jess explores the critical themes of diversity and inclusivity within the tech and data sectors, articulating the additional challenges faced by women and advocating for a paradigm shift in data education. She proposes innovative, engaging, and hands-on approaches to teaching data, aiming to ignite passion and develop skills from the ground up.

Jess’s insights provide invaluable lessons on leadership, the importance of diversity in technology, and the future direction of data education. This episode is a must-listen for anyone keen on understanding the dynamics of leading in tech, fostering an inclusive environment, and revolutionising the way we learn about data. Join us for a deep dive into the experiences and visions of Jess Simons-Boswell, a true pioneer at the intersection of data, technology, and education.

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