Between the Spreadsheets: Why ‘Dirty Data’ hides costs and hinders good decisions with Susan Walsh

On April 5 2024

Join us in this episode of the “Let’s Talk Data Podcast”, as we sit down with Susan Walsh, the founder of The Classification Guru. Known for her innovative and energetic approach to the data industry, Susan discusses her journey from facing a business setback to becoming a renowned expert in tackling ‘Dirty Data’. With seven years of experience under her belt, she delves into the challenges of growth, leadership, and finance in a small business setting.

Susan’s personal brand shines through her engaging content and unique marketing techniques, including memorable lip-sync performances. She emphasizes the importance of viewing data issues through a human lens, making her work both enjoyable and impactful. Susan also gives us a sneak peek into her plans for expanding her business into new product offerings, promising exciting developments ahead. Tune in for an episode filled with valuable insights, innovative ideas, and a good dose of laughter, showcasing Susan’s remarkable journey in the data industry.

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