Apprenticeships in Data: Bentley Motors’ vision for the future

On June 21 2024

Join us for a special episode of the “Let’s Talk Data Podcast” where we delve into the transformative role of data in crafting enriching careers, featuring insights from two prominent figures at Bentley Motors. Andy Moore, the Chief Data Officer, and Niamh Frogley, a data science apprentice, offer a dual perspective on the exciting data initiatives at Bentley. Andy outlines the strategic foresight behind Bentley’s early data journey, focusing on addressing future challenges and the pivotal role of cultivating top-tier talent. Meanwhile, Niamh shares her firsthand experience of the unique learning and growth opportunities afforded by data degree apprenticeships. These programs not only prepare individuals for future industry demands but also provide Bentley with a forward-looking approach to talent development. Tune in for an enlightening discussion on the integration of data science into career development and how Bentley is leading the charge in the digital data era.

These episodes provide listeners with a rich understanding of career pathways in data science, offering both strategic advice and personal experiences from industry leaders and newcomers alike.

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