Lead Data Scientist

Lead Data Scientist
Location: Florida, USA
Company Overview: Our client is a prominent player in the healthcare insurance industry, dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage and enhancing the well-being of our members. They are currently leveraging data science to improve member experiences, and make informed decisions that positively impact healthcare outcomes.
Position Overview: They have a need for a Lead Data Scientist to join their team in and lead our data science efforts within the healthcare insurance domain. The ideal candidate will bring a wealth of experience in leveraging data analytics to drive strategic decisions and enhance the overall performance of our healthcare insurance services.
Leadership and Team Collaboration:
    • Lead and inspire a team of data scientists, guiding them in developing advanced analytics models tailored to the healthcare insurance landscape.
    • Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams, including actuaries, underwriters, and IT professionals, to align data science initiatives with business objectives.
Predictive Modeling and Risk Assessment:
    • Develop and implement predictive modeling techniques to assess and mitigate risks, optimising pricing strategies and underwriting processes.
    • Utilize advanced analytics to identify fraudulent activities and enhance fraud detection capabilities within the insurance domain.
Claims Analysis and Cost Optimization:
    • Analyse claims data to identify patterns, trends, and opportunities for cost optimization and improved claims processing.
    • Collaborate with stakeholders to implement data-driven solutions that reduce claims costs and enhance the overall efficiency of claims management.
Customer Insights and Personalization:
    • Leverage data to gain deep insights into customer behaviour and preferences, enabling the development of personalized insurance offerings and targeted marketing strategies.
    • Contribute to the development of customer-centric solutions that enhance member satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Master’s or Ph.D. in Data Science, Statistics, Actuarial Science, or a related field.
  • Extensive experience (5+ years) in a lead data scientist role within the healthcare insurance industry.
  • Proficiency in programming languages such as Python or R, and experience with relevant data science tools and frameworks.
  • Strong understanding of actuarial principles, healthcare insurance processes, and regulatory compliance.
  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to translate complex data insights into actionable business strategies.
  • Competitive salary with performance-based bonuses.
  • Comprehensive healthcare coverage for employees and their families.
  • Opportunities for professional development and continuous learning.
  • A collaborative and inclusive work culture that values diversity and innovation.


To apply for this job email your details to emma.crabtree@miraitalent.com