Case Study

Mirai has been instrumental in our company’s data journey success so far, playing a vital role in rapidly scaling our full data team with a Head of Data, Business Analysts, Data Engineers, and Solution Architects.

Their exceptional skills in talent acquisition have yielded remarkable results in a short span, bringing in highly qualified professionals who seamlessly integrated into our workforce. Beyond their recruitment expertise, they’ve displayed extraordinary dedication and tenacity, ensuring that they understood our business objectives thoroughly and identified candidates who aligned with our vision.

Throughout the process, Drew demonstrated unparalleled commitment and perseverance, overcoming challenges to deliver excellent outcomes. Her effective communication and transparent approach fostered a smooth experience for both our team and the candidates involved and she has gone above and beyond time and time again to ease the full process.

Without a doubt, Mirai stands as the best recruiter I have ever collaborated with. Their remarkable ability to identify top talent and genuine passion towards our company’s success make them an invaluable partner. I wholeheartedly recommend Mirai to any organisation seeking to build a high-performing data team and achieve exceptional results.

Mirai has made an indelible impact on our data team, and I am confident they will continue to excel in their future endeavours for ourselves and any other company they support.