Attracting, Hiring and Working with GenZ

Generation Z has a somewhat different approach when it comes to their work life. One recurring theme is that Gen Z’s are a lot more socially aware and values-driven than previous generations and thus are more likely to deep-dive into researching a prospective company’s contributions to their local community, employee wellbeing, and the environment.

Younger generations are more likely to apply for positions with companies that clearly demonstrate their policies on diversity and inclusivity. As well as displaying your policies on your website, you’re best off ensuring that you have positive employee reviews on websites such as Glassdoor, so prospective employees can hear firsthand what it’s like to work with you.

GenZ’ers are more likely to apply for positions that have learning and growth opportunities. As it’s the beginning of their journey, ensuring they’re not compromising their career vision is a top priority. As an employer, it’s key to communicate the potential for career development in the initial stages of interviewing.


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