utilising an agile workforce

Utilising an Agile Workforce

What is an agile workforce?

An agile workforce combines the employment amalgamation of full-time, part-time, and contract roles that are project-based. The agile methodology has become increasingly popular since the Covid-19 pandemic, and continues to gain traction across a wide range of industries, seeing major advancements in employee morale and productivity.

Choosing to employ contract talent allows you to hit the ‘refresh’ button every time a project reaches its completion stage. It presents the opportunity to continually re-strategise and improve efficiency by capitalising a goal-driven workforce that is dedicated to project completion. Having a constant influx of varied talent at your fingertips allows you to identify skill gaps within your workforce, allowing you to quickly and efficiently adapt in order to keep your project on-track. When your project reaches completion, you can scale down your team, resulting in lower overheads due to the absence of paying employee wages whilst the work is at a standstill.

Is contract talent for you?

As contract talent works on a freelance basis, maintaining their excellent reputation is paramount in order to further secure employment opportunities. You can almost guarantee high-level performance, productivity and self-motivation straight off the bat, instilling confidence in your project timeline. As agile workers are more inclined to be performance-driven, due to the freedom of choosing when and where they work, it affords them the ability to more successfully manage their work-life balance, which contributes to job fulfilment.

A huge amount of companies experience talent shortage, and if you’re in a position to scale, this can be detrimental to the timeframe of your project. The solution for this is to utilise an agile methodology that can be scaled up and down, depending on your project needs.


What are the benefits? 

– Cost-effective
– Instant scalability
– Performance-driven and self-motivated workforce
– Quickly fills skill gaps within your pre-existing workforce

An agile workforce has immense benefits, however, it does take specialised skill in order to manage. At Mirai Talent, we can guide you every step of the way, to ensure you hire the right talent and ensure you know how to utilise it in order to optimise your productivity.


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